About the Farm

Great Road Farm makes its home on 112 acres of beautiful, preserved farm land in Skillman, NJ 4 miles from downtown Princeton. About half of these acres remain wild and wooded while the other half are split into fields.  2012 marked our first season with 3.5 acres in vegetable crop production. We now have over 7 acres in vegetable production and 4 acres of fenced in pasture for livestock.

We want to bring familiar favorites to your plate, while expanding your palate. Over 120 varieties of vegetables will come from these fields this year: from arugula to zucchini, herbs to salad mix. Our growing methods focus on flavor and sustainability, from using bio-intensive techniques on our 1 acre of permanent raised beds while building the soil through cover cropping and crop rotation for the rest of our fields.  We have attained Organic Certification in 2015. With diversification as a priority, we’re also raising chickens for eggs. In upcoming years, we plan on expanding our operation to include fruit trees and perennial crops. In 2015 we raised six large black hogs, eight lamb, and two steers. And as stewards of our farmland, we are also stewards of your health providing nutritious, wholesome food under the guidance of a thoughtful and deliberate food safety program.

About Agricola

Agricola offers a refreshing twist on rustic American dining.

Every dish is bursting with flavor sourced locally or grown on our nearby farm. Our welcoming service and attention to unexpected details provide a comfortable escape from the daily routine, so even our first-time guests feel like beloved regulars. Whether you share a special evening with friends in our wine cellar, delight with colleagues and loved-ones in our dining room, or enjoy a regional craft beer at our festive bar, you will not experience a more lively, unforgettable Princeton gathering place. Call 609-921-2798 to make your reservation.  

About the Farmer

Steven Tomlinson is a farmer focused on healthy and flavorful vegetables that arrive in Agricola’s kitchen and beyond.

Working with a healthy ecosystem is what drives this farmer’s passion. After graduating from Pratt Institute he worked for artists Christo and Jeane Claude to build an expansive installation titled “The Gates” in Central Park, NYC. Working on such a large project left a lasting impression about how a strong idea can bring community together. Furthering his career as a independent artist and designer, he co-founded a design company that valued creativity and problem solving.  Steven now spends his time “designing” ecological systems, raising chickens,  crop planning, building greenhouses, weeding, planting, and attending farmer’s markets. Steven completed a Permaculture Design Class, along with working on organic farms, which bridged the gap between design and local food production. Steven looks forward to strengthening his local community by growing healthy and flavorful vegetables that end up on the plates at Agricola.