NOFA NJ Winter Conference


Great Road Farm will be speaking at the NOFA NJ winter conference on social media with fellow farmers Blue Moon Acres on Sunday January 26th at 2:30pm. Make sure you pick up a t-shirt at the conference designed by Steve Tomlinson.



We have finished our last market and now we begin our hibernation for the winter. It has been an amazing year with some ups and downs. A few mishaps in the greenhouse led to not planting everything intended, however the crew pulled through and we made it up with consistent hard work. We completed our first season for our CSA and our relationship with Agricola is growing and evolving. Every year I try and take on a little more, improve what I have done in the past, and make sure I am building the foundation of a healthy ecosystem for our workers and the larger community. It was our first year at West Windsor Community Farmers Market and we really enjoyed being able to interact with our community directly. Now we will attend a few Farmers Conferences and sharpen our skills for next year. Crop planning, big ideas, season summaries, and field maps will be worked on and we will be ready to go, with baby Van on our back,  next spring.

Winding down


I love this time of year. The farm has moved right along with the seasons and while there was a flurry of activity during the summer a calmness comes with fall. Days get shorter, the temperature drops, and one by one we start harvesting the last of our summer crops. The farm really starts to hibernate in the last week of November. Our CSA’s last pick up is next week and our last market is right before Thanksgiving. We will continue to harvest here and there during the winter, however the day to day routine is less predictable. This is the time to rest up, summarize everything learned this season, and plan for next season. It has been an incredible year.

2014 CSA

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    Agricola, our own restaurant serving rustic American food and festive drinks located on Witherspoon Street in the heart of Princeton Borough is now open.

    Great Road Farm will be the supplier of fresh, authentically grown ingredients including vegetables and pasture raised eggs.

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