The greenhouse is a special place in the beginning of the year. After months of planning and going through previous records on paper the first tangible task of physical action takes place. Planting your vegetable seedlings requires patience, mindfulness, and concentration. Ideally you plant the seed into a soil mix (every farmer has their own source or special blend of materials) at the correct depth, the correct size cell, and nurture it until it goes out into the field. We follow the crop plan to the best we can, but always seem to add a couple beds of a certain variety on one planting and end up without enough seeds on another because of a miscalculation on the seed order. Gathering around the seeding table is a great place to catch up with people, talk of plans for the future, and share techniques learned from farming conferences. The flats of starts begin to fill the greenhouse and the surge of the oncoming season begins to swell. The rhythms of the season begin with the soft sound of water hitting the soil and the cool ambience of whirling fans.

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There are lots of exciting vegetables we will be growing this year. CSA stand for Community Supported Agriculture and is a great way to support your local farmer. Our CSA runs 22 weeks from June 3rd to October 28th. Pickup is at Agricola Eatery in downtown Princeton on Tuesdays from 4pm-8pm. The share will consist of 4 to 7 vegetables fresh and in season. We try and give you a nice balance of vegetables that will feed 1 to 2 people for the week. We include basic recipe cards in each bag so you know how to prepare what is in your share. Email to request a application.

Farming at the Edge of Nature


Join us Saturday February 1st at 4pm @ the Princeton Public Library

Panel Discussion

A group of farmers and naturalists from our region will talk about their farming practices, philosophy, ethics, business models, challenges and their optimism for this next generation who are embracing working closely with the land. Many on the panel are also visual artists and the presentation will exhibit their photography focused on their work. This session will also feature the opportunity for a Q&A and networking.

The panel features:
Alec Gioseffi, Adam Martin and Lauren Nagy, Cooperative 518; Lindsay Napolitano and Johann Rinkens, Fields Without Fences; Jared Rosenbaum and Rachel Mackow, Wild Ridge Plants, Growers and Stewards of Native Plants; and Steve Tomlinson, farmer at Great Road Farm.

Jared Flesher, documentary filmmaker and Edible Jersey editor will be the moderator of the panel. Jared is an award-winning reporter, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, with a focus on the topics of energy, agriculture and ecology. His last two documentaries are “The Farmer and the Horse” (2010) and “Sourlands (2012.) His latest film “Field Biologist” is in production will be released later in 2014.

2014 CSA

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  • June 3rd through October 28th
  • 4 to 7 healthy vegetables a week
  • Fresh, exciting, and full of flavor!
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    Agricola, our own restaurant serving rustic American food and festive drinks located on Witherspoon Street in the heart of Princeton Borough is now open.

    Great Road Farm will be the supplier of fresh, authentically grown ingredients including vegetables and pasture raised eggs.

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