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Last chance for Arugula



This is our last market for the season. Our first year has been a huge success with setting up infrastructure, setting up our fields, and growing over 120 different varieties of vegetables. We are anticipating our restaurant, Agricola, opening next year. It has been challenging working in the fields recently. We have to wait for the frost to thaw off our plants and then hurry up and harvest them while the daylight decreases.  The arugula has made it through a hurricane and a snow storm. We have a limited amount, but this tender green is worth all of the care. Thank you to everyone who has come out to purchase at the McGolrick Park Farmers Market. Swing on over this Sunday and stock up.

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A week after the hurricane we had a snow storm. Some crops were damaged while others survived. We were able to harvest all of the Napa Cabbage just as the snow began to fall. Our kale under row cover suffered some damage because of the weight of the snow on the fabric crushed some plants. The kale with no row cover sprang back from the snow to produce a sweeter crop.  Beets, arugula, and spinach all survived the snow, however it was challenging harvesting because the snow has not completely melted.  Carrots also become sweeter with the frost…or snow…and we have a good amount to harvest to round out our season. One thing I was reminded of this week is to never give up. We have to push through all of the struggles to end our season as intended. Otherwise we could just purchase vegetables from California and resell them at the market, but where is the integrity in that? Real food is still grossly undervalued, but we will fight to make sure it survives in today’s climate.

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The Aftermath



Hurricane Sandy hit us hard. Some of our vegetables have been damaged, however all of our buildings remain fine. We lost power for four days which made us cancel our Sunday market. A lot of trees have fallen on the property and we have begun clearing them. Some fallen oaks will be used for mushroom logs, cedar for building materials, and the rest turned into wood chips. Our thoughts and heart go out to all who have been affected by Sandy. Mother nature has given us another wake up call to build a resilient future.


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